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Career Coaching Drives Health & Wellbeing

Peeplcoach is an interactive and self-paced career coaching platform that helps professionals find satisfaction in their work and boost their health & wellbeing.


Through regular one-on-one sessions with an experienced coach, participants get personalised advice on how to grow in their job and make the most of their career.


Our career coaches provide on-demand advice for challenging situations when employees need to talk to someone outside of the organisation.

Massive cost savings

At under $100 per team member per month, Peeplcoach costs around ten times less than traditional coaching services.

“Developing a clearly defined
career plan builds trust between a business and its employees, and is critical to sustainability and success.”


How it works


Career dashboard

Peeplcoach guides participants through a structured coaching process, with simple access points for exercises, chat sessions, and progress reports.


Video chat

Easy access to a dedicated coach, through one-to-one video chat sessions, is a central feature of the Peeplcoach experience.


Structured progress

The dynamic curriculum includes career-boosting exercises, assessments, tips and tools that will transform each participant’s well-being,

“It’s critical for top talent to have a career path and Peeplcoach allows us to offer personalised career coaching to our teams at a very reasonable cost.”

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The affordability and accessibility of Peeplcoach means our customers can offer professional career coaching to more of their team than ever before.

Peeplcoach removes the administrative and financial burden from internal HR teams, by enabling participants to access a world-class coaching program at their own pace and on their own schedule.


$99 per user, per month

  • Regular one-on-one video coaching

  • On-demand chat support

  • Continuous personal development

  • Scalable pricing